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Android Market VS Other

5 Jan

I am just regurgitating information here for the easy to find.

By now, you have discovered possibly that you cannot access the official Android Market with your tablet,  but rather you must download apps via the tablets own marketplace of sorts.

Via the folks at Google, the Android Market was designed on a platform specifically for phones. This is why you are asked to register your device (phone) via an account with Google. So, like me, you might have utilized your Google account or created one only to find that was not the total solution.

The other problem is many off the apps you DO download do not work. They may even say, “Does not work with your phone” or something to do with “Parsing”. If you see the parsing info it just means your android version is not advanced enough to work.

So what to do?

Well the first thing to do is to identify your Android OS. Is it 1.5 or 1.6? Is it 2.0+?  This will tell you what POSSIBLY will work with your tablet. I say possibly because there is often a proprietary issue with one tablet over the other.  So what works on one 1.5 OS does not necessarily mean it will work on another.I would now like to thank all those sites that are kind enough to post what OS works with the software.

Second would be to make use of other APP sites. There is Amazon Apps, SlideMe Market Place, APPBrain.com to name a few. A Quick note, APPBrain is like a search engine so it may send you to the Android Market. Just click that off since it will not work.

The Third thing is to download an APP itself. Applications are generally listed as an APK file (Uno.Apk for example). This is truly a trial and error process. I have sat in front of the computer for hours browsing sites to find apps that work with my devise (See Pandigital blog entry).

For me, this smacks so much of the DVD universal fiasco of some years back. No one could decide on a universal format for everyone  so everyone had their own version. Therefore one disk may or may not play on your brand new DVD player.  Once they got it agreed upon, then things moved forward rather at a good click.  Until all tablets manufacturers can agree on a universal format, then tablets and their performance will be so far apart.

Unfortunately, by the time this happens, your new tablet will become the Atari Game Console of yesterday.


The Pandigital Tablet

4 Jan

Like many this Christmas 2011, I was able to acquire a tablet or two for family. I am knowledgeable enough to know that not all tech works the same and therefore I enter into each situation with somewhat of an open mind.

First, I never had any expectation that this tablet that I bought for under $75 would equal something $150 or more. I say this because I guarantee there were many that bought it thinking that come Christmas morning, their child would open it all excited to play Angry Birds and it didn’t. Not only would it NOT play that game but it didn’t even have access to the Android Marketplace!

Buyer beware….if you bought it with that expectation, then shame on you for not taking the time to investigate the differences in models rather than just shop price.

Now, my purpose for this article is just to simply begin a list of apps that I have tested so far that actually work on the Pandigital Novel 7″ with the Android OS (Cupcake) 1.5 operating system. This will help those that are looking for a quick reference for adding apps. Keep checking back to this article because when I find new additions I will add them and date it.

If you would like to do your own search, again the operating OS is called Cupcake and it is Android version 1.5. Below I am listing the APK files that I have found to work and use. There are a lot of apps out there but I can’t say that I have an interest in all of them so I am listing the ones I found interesting.

Jan 03, 2012

Apps Installer
Apps Uninstaller
AVI Player
Bejeweled 4.31.90
BitTorrent.Client. aBTC v1.3
Collins. Spanish, Dictionary + Grammer KVC V1.0
Desk Clock
Dolphin Browser 2.0
HTC Flash Player
Nutsie iTunes Music Player 1.0
Open Wordsearch 2.3.2
PayPal 1.1.3
Solitaire 1.12.2
TuneIn Player v6
UNO 3.1.2
YouTube Web

Jan 0, 2012

YouVersion (Bible APK 3.2.2) *Other versions from v1.0 up to this work, but this version has the voice app that reads the verses to you. Version 3.5+ does not work.

SkyFire 2.1 (Video solution) (See later Blog entry on video)

More to Come…!


The browsers work fine on the Novel so accessing most websites is no problem. I can access AOL, Yahoo, MSN, or Google and gain access to all my files, storage, emails and such with very little limitation. While I have not found an eBay app to work yet, I can go there as normal. Using a browser like Opera Mini lets you access those sites kinda like apps with its FireFox like Speed Dial feature.

Finally, the Barnes & Noble app works well. If you are internet savy you could download books and such via torrents and use the downloadable tool Calibre to your computer and convert the files to ePUB and they will show up in your B&N library just like the others.