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Got Video On That Tablet?

5 Jan

Ok, you, like so many others this Christmas, bought one of the inexpensive tablets that were sub $100. What you found out was not only did it not access many of the apps out there but it won’t really access any video sites like Youtube, Hulu, Netflix and such.

SkyFire Browser

Well there is a potential “Get Around” as far as video is concerned.

First, I must ask you to proceed with patience since you are basically seeking to get at compact Toyota to act like a Mustang. With a deep breath and a goal to get it to play regardless of a few setbacks, you can access a browser named “SKYFIRE”.  This can be found by downloading online the apk named SkyFire 2.1 Apk. There are later releases but the newer ones charge you $2.99 for the app license. If your tablet is a OS 2.1 or greater and do not mind the price, then no problem.

What this browser produces an available video as a service. It does not matter if the site uses flash. The browser will pop up a video window of its own. Click it and the video will load. Nice huh?

This is similar to what Youtube did a few years back before Hulu went to Adobe Flash 10. They simpy reverted or converted the single as it played through their servers back to Flash 7. SkyFire is sending out a single for the video and then having it pass back through their system to play on your screen. Again, nice huh?

Any Down Sides?

Yes. The picture quality maybe a little lower and some of that depends on your device. Also, the browser is slow..but remember I mentioned having patience. Also, it can crash having you to start over again.There is no fast forward or rewind so should an error occur, you have to start the show or movie over. That can be a hassle.


Go to the place you want to play the video like TV.com, CBS, etc with your regular browser. Save the website that plays your videos in your bookmarks for quicker access in case of error or just wanting to play again in the future. This is good for TV shows.

Also, when you click to play, your device should ask which browser do you want to use to open it with. Choose the Skyfire then. Wait for the window to pop up that says video is available. On newer versions, the video does not pop up. You have to go to the page and select the video button for it to test and see if there is any video there to play. If so, then a window will pop up.

So, the real question you must answer is whether it is worth the frustration to watch video on your less powerful device.  If you are stuck in a waiting room, airport, waiting on your mother, or some other place where something to watch would pass the time away nicely, then this is the answer.