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Another good APP: TextPLUS

21 Jan

As I have stated, Tablets can communicate when it needs to. It is beneficial when you are reading, working cooperatively, or researching. You want or need to share in the process of your work?  Do you need something that can do that in real time?

Texting has been one of the back bones of this form of collaboration.

TextPLUS (Text+) is a FREE instant messaging application for your tablet that lets you text someone. This is a true texting medium unlike other apps like eBuddy, Meebo, AIM, and so on that tie you into their particular medium. Simply, like texting on your phone, you can text here with the same basic graphics you generally see.

So the question bears, if texting requires a phone number, how does it work if your tablet doesn’t have one? It assigns you a phone number for your unit to work. Takes under three (3) minutes to get going and it works great even on Android OS 1.5 devices.

So, if you don’t mind tapping away at a virtual Keyboard and getting a few words spelled wrong in the process, go for it!