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If It Says “Upgrade”…Do It!

4 Jan

If you have covered yourself with a good virus and malware program (see my suggestions in upcoming article), then when your computer prompts you to upgrade, then take a moment to do it right then.

I cannot tell you how often I am called upon to help with a slow or non-functioning system to find that the majority of the problem is that the computer has not been updated with important updates. This is not a computer error, but an operator one. Most people see the pop-up alert to update and they click it off telling themselves they will do it later.  The problem is that they don’t.  Sound like you?

I had a friend that had over 50 updates on just his system alone. This did not include updates on drivers for various attachments and programs. There is nothing more frustrating than sitting for a couple of hours updating someones system because they didn’t do it when prompted.  Hey, I will do it, but I will charge $30 for the service.

Simply, CNET.com offers a Software Tracker for FREE that you can download and run once a month to check and see if there are any new updates to your software or drivers.  Additionally, you should be running a system checkup once a week and running a malware program once or twice a month. This is especially important if your kids are playing games a lot on your computer.

Again, however, if you just don’t want the hassle because your just too busy and money is not an issue, then contact me and I will clean it up for you and install updates for $30 for the first 2 hours and $20 for every hour afterward. I do have friends and clients that pay. But it is something you can do yourself for sure.