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Office Tools: Being Productive on your tablet

6 Jan

I say, the more your tablet can do, the more real value your sub $100 tablet is worth. Besides the basics of being an eReader, Music Player, Photo Gallery, and a source for browsing the internet…surely the thing should be able to provide some productivity beyond entertainment and games.

We have established that your “Inexpensive” tablet is NOT an iPad or Galaxy Tablet. So what? Hey if I can receive and send email, create documents such as compatible Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, and I can communicate via IM with friends and clients, then my little “Inexpensive” tablet has become an even better bargain right?

Picsel Smart Office v1.9.2 Apk works great on the Pandigital 7″ Novel and the Cruz Tablet. I can create word, powerpoint and excel type documents in a very user friendly atmosphere. I must admit that the draw back to a tablet is my fat fingers making mistakes as I type, but when I am on the go and need to send out a document, then this is great. It even has a DROPBOX capability where I can deposit my docs directly to my dropbox account. Awesome huh?

Now, use that HP’s ePrint feature that is available to your newer internet enabled printers fro your home or office and you can print directly to them no matter where you are. HP ePrint is also set up with Fedex Office locations so you can run by and pick up your documents should you be on the go.

Finally, you could even print it to a PDF and email it directly from from you tablet.

I am very appreciative of software designers in Android who not only look forward but are conscious of the past. Having apps that work on all Android OS releases starting with 1.5 is a smart way of doing business.