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What are Tablets Good For?

20 Jan

Personally, I am just getting a grasp of the tablets place in the scheme of devices. My only real source for reference is Star Trek the Next Generation. I know, what a geek right? Well, let’s be honest, we owe a lot to Star Trek for the tech we have simply because so many engineers, designers and scientist were Trekkies and they wanted to try and create the devices they found so cool in the show.

In the Next Gen, we see a great deal of use of four (4) devices. The Main Computer, the Tablet, the Tricorder, and the Communicator.  Seriously watch four or 5 episodes and you will see what I am talking about.

The Communicators main function was to communicate. It had some optional abilities but it was mainly used to communicate. Today’s smartphone is just that. It can provide voice, Text, Instant message, and group communication like Facebook and other. It too can do other functions, but it works best as a Communicator.

The Main Computer is what it sounds like. It handles the big functions and things that need large processing capability. These are our office and home systems.

The Tablet, …well, it is our study and research tool. It can effectively communicate when it needs to and it can run some programs, especially on the more expensive units that have larger processing and storage. Yet for reading, researching, computing, processing template docs as in contracts, forms, etc. it works to its maximum. However, like the show, we see tablets designed to meet specific jobs. One is like a general all-purpose tool, another is powered for mobile gaming, and another for production like engineering, photography, and more. You just have to discover what your need is before you select.

Once we get a real grasp of the real benefit of tablets as a whole, we will see more real innovation beyond just its power and processor capabilities.



The Nook Tablet

20 Jan

Every tablet or pad has it’s own unique offerings and support and the Nook is no different.

However, the support behind the Nook is probably the best currently on the market. Why? Because not only do they have a website with video instruction and a quick access to the Operators manual, they have something the others do not…It has a store front where Nook owners can go and get face-to-face with a person who can help them with their device.

Barnes & Noble offers a class for those with Nooks to come in learn all about their device and talk directly with someone who can give hands on advice and help. The best yet…it is FREE. Now that is value. Check with your local Barnes & Noble for class notifications and times.

So if your thinking of buying a tablet, you might consider the Nook, especially if you find technology a little getting used to. If your a technophobe, you need to look elsewhere for a device that meets your unique abilities.



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